European Music Radio

EMR FebruaryTransmissions 2006
Dates Times Freq

1/ Sat – 11th Feb – 0800-0900 utc on 13840 – via IRRS

2/ Sun – 12th Feb – 0900-1000 utc on 13840 – via IRRS

3/ Sun – 12th Feb – 1400-1600 utc on 9290 – via Latvia

and paralel on 945AM Riga

4/ Wed – 15th Feb – 2000-2100 utc on 5775 – via IRRS

Euroepan Music Radio

The next EMR is on the following times and channels
EMR February Transmission Information 2006
Dates Times Freq
1/ Sat – 11th Feb – 0800-0900 utc on 13840 – via IRRS
2/ Sun – 12th Feb – 0900-1000 utc on 13840 – via IRRS
3/ Sun – 12th Feb – 1400-1600 utc on 9290 – via Latvia
4/ Wed -15th Feb- 2000-2100 utc on 5775 – via IRRS

source: A-DX-mailing list

New Year’s Eve Broadcast

Dear SW Friends,

New Year’s Eve Radio East Cost Holland and Voice of the Netherlands will be carrying their traditional joint “end of the year” broadcast.
The broadcast will start quite early in the morning and the end will be some time in the (late) afternoon.
Most likely pxs can be heard on 6275 kHz/ 48 metres and surprisingly also on 1584 kHz. The latter AM frequency will be used to reach local and regional audiences.
Important: response to the live pxs is more than welcome. Both stations don’t use the Hoogeveen maildrop anymore, so what left is e-mail or the phone. No QSLs cards will be available.
For International calls use the Int. accesscode +31-6- 25426740 . Within The Netherlands the number is 0625426740.
Alternatively you can e-mail < eastcoastholland(-a-) >.
So…tune in tomorrow to the traditional joint New Year’s Eve broadcast from the boys from Hoogeveen…it’ll be double fun !!

73s, the RECH/ VotN

FRS Holland on 9290 Khz

Dear FRS Friend,

FRS-Holland will be on the air with a two hour X-Mas Special on Boxing Day December 26th 08.53- 11.00 UTC.
In the programme we’ll be flashing back 20 years to December 1985. We feature news from that month, some of the hits and extracts from Radio Caroline on 558/ 963 kHz, Radio Monique on 963 kHz and FRS-Holland’s Christmas broadcast which took place December 15th on 6205.
In addition the most interesting December 26th facts from the past will be included.
So…tune in to the big 9290 kHz Boxing Day !

Our 25th Birthday will be celebrated in the New Year. Of course we will keep you informed.
FRS-Holland now has a brandnew e-mail address: < frs(-a-) >.
The < frs.holland(-a-)> address will be continued for the time being.

The FRS Team

Radio Spaceshuttle International Xmas-broadcast

RSI will celebrate Christmas (24th and 25th Dec) and New Year’s time being on air on frequencies 3927 kHz late night and early mornings, 6240 kHz morning and daytime, 9290 kHz morning times, 15810 and 13810 kHz daytime UTC towards European countries (and perhaps special tests towards North-America). Special musical Season Wishes to all of you dear listeners!

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year 2006!


Source: doctortimde-yahoo-group

WR International

Hi guys,
After almost 2 years WR International is trying a come back. The frequency is as always 12256Khz. We have a new audio stage and modified output stage. The Transmitter is on air right now playing non stop music whilst we try and make it sound as nice as we can. Your comments are welcome to please let us know where you are and how it sounds, we thank you very much.
The WR International team

Source: Dave Jones on SRS-Board