FRS Holland celebrates 25 years on shortwave

Hallo FRS Friends,

FRS-Holland is 25 years young! We will celebrate this very memorable fact with a special Birthday trm in November. As you will understand it is impossible to approach
each listener personally. But on the other hand we feel it is very important to have your participation that day.
Several FRSH-friends have already send in their recorded / written greetings but what are YOU waiting for ? We very much would also like to hear from YOU ! Time is running out.
Make this broadcast to an unforgettable one and produce your very own, personal FRS-Holland Birthday greeting.
Send your personal FRS memories on MD, cassettre or as an MP3 file.
….when did you hear us first ?
….in which way did you get to know about FRS ? (via a magazine, other SW FR station, a DX px etc.)
….what are your best memories ?
… there anything very special you do remember ?

This is your chance to be on FRS-Holland during a very special occasion. How many SW FR stations have managed to be on for 25 years ??

Each listener participating, will receive a surprise later this year ! Simply congratulate FRSH with its 25th birthday is of course also an option !!
We know a lot of FRS Friends are out there… Some of the listeners seem to have disappeared, we would be delighted to hear from them.
If you know anybody from the past who used to tune in, forward this message !

Apart from your memories, we are looking for catchy one-liners. What does FRS-Holland mean to you ? Let us know your very own thought(s) and do it in only one sentence !!
A recorded message is the most personal way in which you can participate! But if you have no recording facilities, please send us a letter.
Deadline is the first week of October 2005 but better is to do it right now !!! In this way we will get more time for preparations….

Looking at the great number of listeners tuning in to us in the past 25 years, there must be hundreds of interesting stories. Share your fond memories with us and the other listeners.
Don’t miss your chance to get involved….
We are still looking for an E-mail address from our former German deejay Michael (early 80s). Can anybody help us ?

Details about the broadcasting weekend will be send in October. Sun November 20th could become FRS Day !
All the best,

Peter Verbruggen (on behalf of the FRS crew)

a Balance between Music & Information joined to one Format….

POBox 2702
6049 ZG Herten
The Netherlands

new chatroom on

Alfalima has installed a new chatroom on his website It is made for the radio and tech and pirate radio, but there are also a few other rooms for normal day stuff. The direct url is chat and you can check if there is some activity very easy.
Also visit the very interesting pirate radio forum at Alfalima-forum, which has many loggings and other aspects of free radio.

Propagation conditions

Propagation conditions changed to winter. 41mB at mornings was quite strong today, 48m Band good between mornings and afternoons. 48m Band is too high at evenings, 76m Band gives better results during evenings and nights. Fade out of 48m Band was here at around 1630 Utc.

9290 Khz again on

Good reception of the latvian relay transmitter with S=9+20dB and no fading on 9290 Khz this sunday afternoon. Programmes relayed were Radio Marabu and European Music Radio. EMR had some nice songs with a 10 minute tape of the RSL-Radio Jackie programme and many IDs in English and German. Both stations are known from the free radio bands. Information on Euronet Radio who rents the latvian transmitter via