Radio Freebird

The new Dutch station is testing on 6200 kHz at 1100 utc playing “Upside down” and giving out an ID and contact details. The mike needs some improvement though. Fair reception in the UK. Emails to


At 1040 utc there was a classical music station on 6325 kHz when another station jumped on that frequency playing Arthur Brown’s “Fire” and a jingle ID of a Delta Radio in Dutch. Fair reception in the UK. Then even a third station came on making it a complete mess.


Some station is playing the Beatles Stars on 45 mix … already for some 10 minutes. This could probably go on for another hour or so. 6209 kHz, 0840 utc. Poor signal in the UK.


Orionradio playing Ultravox and Sniffin the Tears on 5815 kHz at 0810 utc and saying hello to the chatbox participants. Good signal. Says he is just testing the transmitter after some switches. Good signal in the UK.

Radio Marabu

Radio Marabu announced a Saturday evening transmission via Mystery Radio tonight on 6220 kHz. The station will be on the air for six hours starting at 1900 utc. This makes a change from their usual last-Sunday-morning-of-the-month schedule.

Radio Joystick

Radio Joystick is presenting the monthly programme on 9290 kHz. Excellent reception at 0900 utc as usual. From January 2009 the station will switch over to the Italian Radio Relay Service (IRRS) and use 9510 kHz every 1st weekend of the month according to the Radio Joystick website. This is because the Ulbroka relay station might not be available after the end of the year. The operators of the 9290 relay service have not given official confirmation yet but keeping a big transmitter for just 1 or 2 hours per week must cost quite some money.