FRS Holland Repeat August 2019

Dear FRS Friend,

Last Sunday's FRS broadcast suffered from instable propagation conditions.
Some might have enjoyed good reception whereas others' reception was poor.
It is commonly known that SW conditions have been poor. Not only during daytime
but also sometimes during evening.
Last Sunday we were received in Cyprus and Mexico (not via SDR) while reception
in areas where 7700 is almost always satisfactory, was poor. Apart from the final 60 min.
when the first show (Bert van Leer) was repeated; that was between 23:00-23:50 CEST.
During that time 7700 was very strong and also 5810 did well.

There might be a repeat next Sunday August 4th or August 11th. At this moment things
are uncertain. But it's worth while to tune in and give it a try! Same time schedule and same
freqs being 7700//5810 kHz. Details are still to be read on our site:

Remember there are streams planned for next Thursday, Saturday & Sunday (twice!).
FRS' 39th anniversary will be celebrated on Sunday Sept. 1st. Details will follow in the course
of August.

73s, Peter V. on behalf of the FRS team

Radio Sylvia 3. August 2019 6070 Khz

Hallo Leute! Es geht wieder los: Am 3. August ab 18 Uhr greifen unsere Moderationsfachkräfte 😁 Agatha Rabiata, Dom van Hool und Mark Andersen wieder in die Vollen und beschallen euch sechs kurzweilige Live-Stunden mit allem, was das Herz begehrt - von brachial bis zart. Außerdem gibt es wie immer von 19 bis 20 Uhr brandneue Mucke. Die Motto-Show "Stunde der Wahrheit" von 22 bis 23 Uhr hat dieses Mal das Thema "Original und Fälschung".

Musikwünsche, Grüße, Empfangsberichte etc. sind willkommen (

Wir zählen auf euch - am 3. August von 18 bis 24 Uhr online und parallel auf der guten alten Kurzwelle 6070 kHz!