FRS’ 39th Anniversary next Sunday

Dear FRS Friends,

A bit late but still in Sunday FRS-Holland hopes to celebrate its 39th anniversary!
All details are to be found on our website:

Programming on 7700//5810 kHz will commence at 16:52 UTC/ 18:52 CEST.
Last July conditions were a bit disappointing, we hope for the better next Sunday evening.
In contrast with previous years, we will pay much attention to our anniversary with lots of
memories, archive recordings and...great music.

Thanks to all of you who wrote in for our July 28th (repeat August 11th) broadcast(s).
All e-mail/ snail mail will be handled within the upcoming weeks.
Hopefully we will meet next Sunday! Your support remains vital to us!!

73s, Peter Verbruggen on behalf of the FRS team.

Remember 30-08

Mi-Amigo - 30081975 - 1000-1100 - Johan Frisco & Willem Kapel - Sportshow + Michelle Show.mp3

Mi-Amigo - 30081975 - 0700-0800 - Bert Bennett - Welkom In De Wereld Der Wakkeren.mp3


RNI - 30081970 - 0952-1024 - Andy Archer Playing Requests For The Dutch Navy Fregat Van Nes.mp3

16 - 30081974 1701-1804 SteveEngland.mp3

30081974 1230-1315 AndyAnderson.mp3 Password: zeezender





30081070 0830-0900 MarkWesley 0900-1000 AndyArcher.mp3

Mi-Amigo - 30081975