2 chats on 1 page

Quick and Dirty 2 Pirate Radio Chats on 1 Page Flash Version the new chat and the old deleted Ianns chat. Flash will not be supported by browsers soon.


If you prefer the html5 version:


Use an up-to-date browser you do not have to install anything. Chrome and Mozilla Firefox works best. As Ianns chat was deleted there is no html5 version of Ianns chat possible.

If you first login change your name by clicking on the first name at the right column. Introduce yourself and you will not be banned.

Pirate Radio Chat new url

The Pirate Radio Chat is at the moment only reachable via the xat site:


All embedded chatrooms on the various websites including mine have an old not up-to-date version of the chat.

The inlog problems are solved via the xat site. Note if you still have problems don't use ?new in the url to access the chat.

At the moment we have 3 versions of the chat embedded:

The new chat flash-version: https://www.achimbrueckner.de/freeradio/deutsch/interaktiv/

The old chat flash-version: https://www.achimbrueckner.de/dxradio/interactive/

The new chat html5-version: https://www.achimbrueckner.de/freeradio/interactive/