European Pirates on WRMI July 2021

we will be getting relayed in july here are the details
European Pirates on WRMI
Selected European pirate radio stations that broadcast interesting programs
using high-quality production techniques.
A 57-minute (approx) program — ideally a program with the content the
station normally broadcasts — on WRMI, Miami, FL USA
Saturdays in July at 0200 UTC (Friday nights in NAm) in scheduled TRSW
time slots
5800 kHz
Provide interesting programs for listeners who may not know these stations
exist and for DXers who can’t hear these stations under current solar
Programs will be aired at no cost to the pirate stations.
The aired program will have a TRSW IS as the lead-in and lead-out and a
TRSW announcement following the opening IS. These will be recorded
shortly so the pirate stations know exactly how much time their program
must fill.
The pirate station’s program will be broadcast in its entirety with no
If interested, contact Cap’n Ric at

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