WRMI Relays 5800 Khz

The Radio Igloo show is the first of a series of one-hour programs by European free-radio and low-power licensed stations hosted by Texas Radio Shortwave during July and August.
The programs will be broadcast every Friday night at 10pm ET (Saturday at 0200 UTC elsewhere) by WRMI, Okeechobee, Florida, on 5800 kHz, eQSLs will be available from individual stations. TRSW will not issue eQSLs for these programs.
These popular stations are heard regularly in Europe but seldom in North America because of propagation conditions.
Dates and featured stations are as follows:
July 03 – Radio Igloo, Sweden
July 10 – Charleston Radio International, Germany
July 17 – Radio Merlin, UK
July 24 – Radio Monique International, The Netherlands
July 31 – CoolAM Radio, The Netherlands
August 7 – Cupid Radio, The Netherlands
August 14 – Free Radio Service- Holland, The Netherlands
August 21 – Atlantic 2000 International, France
August 28 – Radio Delta International, The Netherlands.