Telstar Radio 25 December 2021

Hier noch ein paar technische Informationen der Sendung von Telstar-Radio am 25.12.2021 für die Technik-Freaks unter den Hörern.
Wie auch schon während einer früheren von Radio60! veranstalteten Sendung muss auch hier aus organisatorischen Gründen während der laufenden Sendung ein Senderwechsel durchgeführt werden. Der Grund ist einfach, dass Radio Se-Ta 2 den 100kW-Sender in Nauen von 10:00 bis 12:00 Uhr MEZ (09:00 – 11:00 UTC) nutzt. Deswegen beginnt Telstar-Radio seine Sendung um 11:00 MEZ (10:00 UTC) mit einen anderen 125kW-Sender. Gegen 12:15 MEZ (11:15 UTC) erfolgt der fliegende Wechsel auf der 6045 kHz mit ein paar Sekunden Parallel-Betrieb beider Sender mit Modulation. €rdenman

Here is some more technical information about the Telstar Radio broadcast on 25.12.2021 for the technology freaks among the listeners. As was the case during an earlier programme by Radio60! for organisational reasons the transmitter must be changed. The reason is simply that Radio Se-Ta 2 uses the 100kW transmitter in Nauen from 10:00 to 12:00 CET (09:00 – 11:00 UTC). Therefore Telstar-Radio starts his broadcast at 11:00 CET (10:00 UTC) with another 125kW transmitter. Around 12:15 CET (11:15 UTC), occurs the “on-the-fly”-transmitterchange on the 6045 kHz with a few seconds of parallel operation of both transmitters with modulation. €rdenman

648 Power Increase

648 Power Increase
The opportunity arose to boost our power on 648 AM. This was beyond the ability of the existing Nautel machine. High power AM transmitters are not easily sourced now. We found one in storage near the Dutch/German border and imported it to Essex so that it could be very extensively overhauled and converted. This was a long, costly and labour intensive task. Then the Harris DX25 was shipped to Orfordness and delivered by landing craft.
The staff of Cobra Mist, who could have left us to struggle, were particularly helpful. Our unsung heroes were Howard Beer, Alan Beech and Steve Bradley. Working conditions veered between not very nice to evil.
Now the new transmitter is in service covering, we hope, a much larger area than before to reconnect with more of our listeners from the past. Obviously we would like to know where our signal is going and indeed where it is not. Might you help us with a reception report so that we can see what we have achieved and to consider what we may do next.
Peter Moore – Station Manager

The Vault 28 November 2021

All The Vault says about itself is that it’s located somewhere in Europe. That’s good enough for us, and we’re happy to bring listeners an hour of music from the station.
eQSLs will come directly from the station at Texas Radio Shortwave won’t issue eQSLs for this program.
This program concludes TRSW’s 13-station Europirate relays series on WRMI.

FRS Holland 19 December 2021

Dear FRS Friends,
Sunday December 19th FRS-Holland will be on air with its annual festive December /end of the year broadcast. Details about times and frequencies will follow in the course of December.
That day we will be broadcasting varied shows with great music, radio related programme items, your November mail and……your participation !
Your participation
FRS-Holland offers you the opportunity to participate !! We have a simple question:
“What would be the greatest gift you could get for Christmas this year?”
Your contributions are more than welcome and will contribute to our programmes that day!
You can easily produce a little message and send it to [].
Only a few lines will do. Of course we would be most happy with spoken (mp3) messages but of course also written ones are most welcome!
It only takes a few minutes of your spare time….
We raffle a number of Radio DVD’s among those who participate in our December broadcast.
Important: deadline
A sincere request: please return your participation before Sunday December 5th.
Don’t hesitate and have your share in the upcoming FRS December shows…
Reply form
For those of you sending a written message: easing up things, you will find a reply form below.
The staff of FRS-Holland is awaiting your contributions…together we can turn December 19th into something wonderful.
73s, Peter Verbruggen on behalf of the staff being Jan, Dave, Bert, Brian & Mike.