43 years ago tonight

At this moment 43 years ago tonight, the good ship Mi Amigo (Radio Caroline) was slipping beneath the waves and the crew were leaving on the Sheerness lifeboat. By the morning she was below the waves but the mast stood defiantly for over six years. she gave do many of us our first break into radio – thank you Mi Amigo. RIP. 📻

Info via Paul Rusling on Facebook

On this day. March 20.

On this day. March 20.
20 Mar. 1980
+ Offshore. The 59-year-old Mi Amigo, home of Radio Caroline, sinks. The crew are rescued by the Sheerness lifeboat in a force ten gale. It is to be three long years before Radio Caroline is heard again, as no immediate successor can be found, the Mebo 2 is still in the Mediterranean off Libya and the Cheeta 2 has sunk of Gambia after being used as a floating restaurant. The Galaxy has by now rotted away in a German backwater at Keil.
+ GBR. Leicester. When George hears of the sinking of the Mi Amigo, he decides to set up his own pirate station, to be called Radio Alice, playing Alice’s favourite music, rock. He advertises for a rig and DJs, using postcards in local shop windows.
20 Mar. 1987 Leicester. After Pete Davis raised arguments not fully explained, Jane Nelson’s station starts as Radio Alice, not Argus. Jane many times is on air on her own.

Info via Bert Bridges on Facebook