2 thoughts on “UNID 6290 Khz”

  1. At 15.25 a jingle in german gave station e-mail, sms hotline and an address. I’m not good in deutsch, so I lost quite everything. Only thing I understood is that they use SRS Deutschland snail mail address. Radio ID seems to be something very short, like ARM, ORM, or something like that. At 15.29 a dj spoke and, among other things, he sounded like giving the frequency (I heard some numbers…). Sorry for being so vague, but it’s what I got.


  2. It signed off at 16.29 GMT. It was “On Air AM”, from Germany. Several jingles, during the broadcast, some in english too, gave full ID, that I didn’t copy well before writing my first comment. Mail is onairam#gmx.de.


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