BRI nighttime test

We are planning to run a nightime test this weekend on 6240khz, possible times would be Sunday morning anytime after 4am UK time, however as always alot depends on TX availability.

Any reception reports to our usual email address britainradio(@)
if you need a QSL card for the report please include a contact address with your email.

Also the November broadcasts are scheduled: Sometimes live stream on the net.

Hopefully we shall be on air Sunday 12th/26th November from 10am UK time using 6240khz.

Features in this month`s programme include the DJ profile looking at Tony Brandon`s radio career, also we remember John Peel, and the late Norman Nelson from RECC, you will hear his voice once again on SW as we pay tribute too a good friend who is still sadly missed on SW, even though 11 years have now passed, the rare 60s archive includes 3 rare 7″ records including a few scratches!! mixed in with various pieces of radio news etc..

Possibly further webstream tests will follow up to Christmas via our webstream

Info via