Mystery Radio

Mystery Radio with live programmes from Chris Ise and Andy Walker on 6220 Khz at 2235 Utc with SINPO 45444 in the United Kingdom. At my location reception is a bit weaker SINPO 34433 but also quite stable. Incoming emails are read out and phone calls will be live in the programme. The E-QSL-card arrives 15 minutes later in my mailbox, the quickest QSL-card I ever have. In a song contest you can win one hour airtime on Mystery Radio for free.

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skype: mysteryradio

and say “Merry Xmas” to your radio friends over MYSTERY RADIO

BTW: reports will be verified by e-QSL

One thought on “Mystery Radio”

  1. Hi . I have recently restored a World War Two Wireless Set No 18 and have been trawling the airwaves on it and picked up your disco classic show this evening.My tuning dial shows 6.200 meg and your signal is reasonably strong considering the age of the set (1942) with an aerial of only 8 feet long and the power supply of 18 PP3 9 volt and two 1.5 volt d cell batteries.I listened to all the pirates in the mid sixties-Radios Caroline/London/City/Scotland and others that I forget the names of.I recently visited Herne Bay in England and was amazed to see the old Radio Forts are still standing out there in the sea.
    regards Jon

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