Beacon transmissions

Dear friends!

We have now been on with our 8-10 watts Beacon transmitter from Europe for a week. This coming night will be
the last one with this power in a time. From tomorrow we will reduce the power to 1 watt making it a more
challenge to catch it. So try it šŸ˜‰

The 8-10 watts CW Beacon transmitter has been heard in the east coast of th USA, as well as in the southern part
of South America. Lets see what a 1 watt can do šŸ™‚

The frequency is 6342kHz CW. Sched. is: 19.00 to at least 08UTC, sometimes even later.
If you are in doubt, you can check it at our website
where we will have a sign of, if it is ON or OFF.

This coming week we will also sending out replies for reports for our broadcasts from South America.
Most have already received a preliminary answer from us, but this week a more complete reply.

73' Jorge

Info via SWPirates