The Radio Ship stream

URGENT MESSAGE FROM The RADIO SHIP. Unfortunately our stream network provider has switched to new infrastructure overnight with us receiving no notice of the changes. This means absolutely EVERY listening platform including our own App and website can’t find us. We had NO warning of this, so although we are streaming, it’s like trying to run a transmitter without an aerial. It will take WEEKS to get everything up and running again thanks to our streaming provider. The problem is I don’t have the time to track down all the platforms and give them the new stream addresses because as a full time carer for Lynn I’m in demand. I don’t even know many of the platforms. I feel over 6 years of building this station up as just been ripped away beneath my feet and it’s just drained the life out of my soul. BUT we will be back, if you want us to start again? We will change to a new stream provider who hopefully will have a more professional attitude to even small fry like us. So sorry about the break, but we will be back step by step in a week or so.

Info via Facebook