Radio Compania Worldwide of Chile Upgrade

Dear Friends:
Today RCW has started a major upgrade and testing of its new 100 watt powered Shortwave transmitter using a fully solid state PWM system with continuous operation.
Today’s special transmission was made from the “test site” by the frequency of 6925 KHz in the 43-meter band, together with 7610 KHz in the 41-meter band via “Rodríguez Erdoíza”, becoming the first of its kind in RCW history.
Our dear friend and engineer is finishing the necessary adjustments so that in a short time the new 100-watt transmitter will officially be used regularly from plant No. 2 “Rodríguez Erdoíza” in frequencies of 5810, 6210, 6925 or 7610 KHz. .
But that’s not all, it will be added to the new transmitter, other stages and elements to obtain an effective antenna power of 1000 watts (1Kw). We hope, God willing, it can start operations this year 2022. This transmitter will be taken for installation and put on the air at plant No. 1 “General Carrera”, a suitable place to operate at that power.
We thank all the friends and faithful listeners of “The little one of the South American Short Wave” for your attention with us.

Info via WOR