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Offshore Radio Collection launches on YouTube

In partnership with Ben Meijering, Radio London is proud to announce the creation of a new YouTube channel, Offshore Radio Collection.

There were three major Offshore Radio events that were not open to the public, but hundreds of photos were taken and are available on the net.

Now, we bring you video taken at these very special events.

For your extra viewing pleasure, we are launching the three videos at a specific time on three different days, culminating on Sunday 14th August in probably the most momentous event, Offshore 50, which took place in 2017.

3pm is a special time in any offshore radio enthusiast’s mind, so we have arranged that the start time of two of the videos ensures that you can hear Paul Kaye’s immortal words at exactly 3pm. (The Celebration of Offshore Radio will start at 3pm as Paul Kaye isn’t featured.)

Times (UK) and links:

10th August 2.45pm
35th Anniversary Offshore Reunion – Doggett’s, London, 10th August, 2002

12th August 3.00pm
A Celebration of Offshore Radio – Sugar Reef, London, 4th August 2007

14th August 2.44pm
Offshore 50 – Tattershall Castle, London, 14th August 2017