Radio Pravda 1557 Khz

On Friday August 5th at 17.00 hours UTC “Radio Pravda” started broadcasting on AM 1557 from Sitkunai in Lithuania. The station, which also identifies as “Nasha Lenta” is providing independent information in Russian to Russia and Belarus and is fully funded by private financial donors. There are no political motives and there’s no involvement from any Government -financial or whatsoever; the only thing that matters is the free flow of uncensored verified information into Russia and Belarus.
The programs are under the supervision of the Dutch media-authority Commissariaat voor de Media. The permission has been granted to Radio Pravda by the Commissariaat and the programs are assembled in the Netherlands before they’re being sent on to Lithuania for rebroadcasting on the AM 1557 kilohertz frequency for which the Lithuanian authorities have issued a ‘rebroadcast-license’ for this AM-frequency.
A person who played a vital role in making all this happen was Peter Chicago. The transmitter in use in Lithuania is the Nautel RX50 transmitter that was used by Big L on AM 1395 Khz from Trintelhaven in the Netherlands, trying to reach a daytime audience in Engeland. Later this transmitter was in use on 1008 khz broadcasting the religious station Groot Nieuws Radio. Since the close down of the 1008 khz the transmitter was in storage in the Netherlands.
In may/June Peter spent a couple of weeks in the Netherlands reviving this transmitter and in the past 2 weeks Peter worked hard supervising a Lithuanian team in getting the full 50 kilowatts on the air on AM 1557. For this a new antenna-design was required which also Peter took on.
The results are phenomenal. The signal on AM 1557 at night is easily accessible all over Europe. There’s a strong nighttime signal in cities like St. Petersburg, Moscow, and Minsk and also covers the entire territory of the Ukraine. Even at the border of Russia with Norway in arctic Norway the signal is still pretty good, as well as in Novosibirsk which is some 1500 kilometres away from the transmitter-site.
On the picture Peter Chicago with the Lithuanian crew he worked with the past weeks and who no doubt did an excellent job. They are in front of the AM transmitter.

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