On this day. 26 Feb.

On this day. 26 Feb.
26 Feb 1964. NED. Rotterdam. Frederica departs for Greenore Ireland, to be fitted out as the Radio Caroline vessel
Possible error in date here…
26 Feb. 1966. GBR Scarborough. The Dutch vessel Oceaan 7 arrives here to be fitted out as a radio ship, the planned station (Radio 270) planns to start broadcasts on 1st April.
26 Feb 1978.
+ FIN. 6205 kHz SW. Radio Bambino.makes a succesful broadcast with 30 watts. The main presenters are Rolf Robertson and Lucifer Radix. The station is also known as the Backwood River Valley Broadcasting.
+ FIN. 6208 kHz SW. Radio Gambina returns to the air with a breif test broadcast. Further irregular broadcasts are to take place by this station until it finally closes down for good in 1980.
26 Feb 1995. GBR Lewisham. 1125 kHz MW Radio Argus London is on its usual channel plus 1593 kHz both from the same attic. At 16.00 1593 closes and at 18.00 783 kHz starts, simulcasting with 1125 which has stayed on throughout. 783 is clearer than the more popular 819, the main problem is retuning an aerial made for 188m to 388m!

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