on this day. March 23rd

on this day. March 23rd
23 Mar. 1975 GBR London. 92.8 FM. Sun Radio is noted today with an Alan Ford programme
23 Mar. 1980 GBR. 6235 kHz and 7325 kHz SW. Radio Zodiac International is on air today
23 Mar. 1983 GBR. Deptford. Police and Home Office raid Our Radio and seize their equipment, after finding a spoof rig at another site with a silly message for the dti.
23 Mar. 1985 GBR. Wolverhampton. The dti turn up at UK Radio’s alternative site. As they do not have a warrant, the DJs turn them away!
23 Mar. 1986 GBR. London. 93.0 FM. Eric Gotts of the dti tries to get Alices Restaurant staff to the block by making the rig cut in and out. This followed a late start due to high winds. However, Alices Restaurant ‘suss’ the issue and on air tell Eric ‘You may as well take it away as we are not going anywhere near it’. Eventually the dti take the rig.
There were no entries for yesterday and all these for today, it happens like that sometimes.
I hope folks find these interesting, thanks to those who have added to the info, and please let me know if you can add to these.

Info via Bert Bridges on Facebook