On this day 29-31 March

29 March.
29 Mar. 1975 GBR London. 92.8 FM. Sun Radio is noted today with a programme by Kenny Myers
29 Mar. 1987 GBR. Manchester 92.0 FM. Sunshine Hot Hits launches with a strong signal, it features in the press in days.
30 March.
30 Mar. 1975 GBR. 1367 kHz MW and 6220 kHz SW. Skyport Radio is on air today
30 Mar. 1986 GBR. Merseyside. 1242 kHz MW. Radio Merseywaves is noted today on a channel it had moved to in late 1984, but announced as 1233kHz… Easter Sunday shows feature Paul Jay, Bert Williams and Mark Wright, with Bert dedicating a Beatles song to the dti.
31 March.
31 Mar. 1975
+ GBR. Surrey. 96.4FM, 962 and 1331 kHz MW, 6225 kHz SW. The post office raid London Stereo, which has been on air since the beginning of Easter, and spend ages looking for the studio, unaware of the studio being a distance away… Until they discover the UHF link receiver! 3 members are arrested, Mike Knight was on air at the time and is to be later summonsed and imprisoned. They then go on and raid Radio Sheila, which, not using a link, is more quickly raided, studio and rig.
+GBR. Merseyside. 1242 kHz MW. Radio Merseywaves is on air again today featuring Dave Collins
+ FIN. Radio Gambina closes down due to increased Finnish post office activity. It resumes later and stays on air until 1976
+ GBR. London. Easter Monday broadcast of Trans London Radio takes place today
+ GBR. London. 94.2 FM. Radio Invicta is on air this Bank Holiday
Again, my thanks to everyone for helping with these, there seems to be more useful bits of information every day. If someone could give me the frequency TLR and Radio Sheila used, it would be appreciated for this entry.
Thanks again, and hopefully the laptop will stay ‘alive’ until I can afford a new one.

Info via Bert Bridges on Facebook