In This Month… April.

In This Month…

Apr. 1971
* GBR. London. 199m MW. [1507 kHz] Radio Nelson is joined by Alan Ross, who also provides a new rig as well, does anyone know which broadcast was his first?
Apr. 1972
* GBR. London. Radio London Underground begins regular Sunday evening broadcasts, featuring Peter Allen and Rick Martin.
Sundays in April 1972 were 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd and 30th. Can someone tell me which one RLU began on?
Apr. 1974
* GBR. SE London. 1331 kHz MW. Radio Jackie is noted this month as using the then semi derelict Nunhead Cemetery as a broadcast site
Was this a ‘one off’ or more regular? and can someone help with dates please?
Apr. 1979
* GBR. John Dawson leaves Radio Zodiac 49 in this month. The station closes.
* GBR. London. North London Radio [NLR] closes down in this month
* GBR. Surrey. 1179 kHz MW. In this month Southern Radio starts broadcasts.
For all three, above, I need dates. Can someone help please?
Apr. 1983.
* GBR. Merseyside. 1382 kHz MW, Raio Jackie North [RJN] is to close down for a while this month
Could someone tell me the date of this broadcast please?
Apr. 1984
* GBR. Liverpool.1125 kHz MW. Radio Atlantis starts broadcasts, initially on 1125 kHz but after a few days moving to 1242 kHz, to get away from the BBC Radio 1 service on 1107 kHz
* GBR. London. 92.0 FM. Imagine is back on air again this month. The first returning broadcast is raided in an hour!
Its more dates needed again here please. Atlantis first 1125 broadcast, and the date it moved to 1242, plus the date Imagine returned
Apr. 1988
* NED. FRSH finds yet another station to relay them this month… Radio New Wave!
Could someone provide more info about Radio New Wave, also on what date this relay took place?
Apr. 1989
* GBR. Wood Green. 94.0 FM. Laser 94 FM starts broadcasts, linked from Chingford, playing soul and dance music. The station continues up to September.

Bert Bridges

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