Radio Augusta 1611 KHz raid

End of AM 1611 kHz relay, from Belgium, for Radio Augusta. The station was seized on April 4 by the national spectrum control service of the Belgian Institute of Postal Services and Telecommunications (IBPT). These tecnicians have the status of Judicial Police officers. The transmitter, which had a power of 400 W, was taken away and sealed.

This transmitter was put into service and took over from Ukrainian Radio during the first weeks of the war with Russia. The aim was to give refugees a way to listen to their national radio when there was no alternative yet. Subsequently, RTBF launched a radio for Ukrainians and the transmitter broadcast the programs of Radio Augusta: a radio, launched by a Belgian, which is broadcast on the web and on FM in the region of Abidjan in Ivory Coast.

Many rumors had circulated about the location of the AM transmitter, it was located in Peruwelz, halfway between Mons in Belgium and Lille in France.

Michel Fremy (2024-04-06) via Ydun’s Medium Wave Info

Info via DX-Fanzine