In this month May

May 1971
* GBR London. 199m MW. [1507 kHz] Radio Nelson is raided; services resume shortly after. [date needed]
May 1975
* NED. 1395 kHz MW. Radio Scotland International starts broadcasts, initially on 1395, but soon also on 1470 and 1503 kHz MW, as well as unofficial ‘Dutch Band’ frequencies of 1612 and 1638 kHz. The station plays Dutch folk music, and its staff range from 1 to 20! [1395 date needed] [dates other frequencies started needed]
May 1976
* GBR. European Music Radio starts broadcasts in this month, initially testing on the 48 metre SW band. [date and frequencies needed]
May 1978
* FIN. Radio Sylvania International tries low powered mobile broadcasts in addition to their usual high-powered ones. [dates and frequencies needed]
May 1980
* GBR. Wolverhampton. Doug Neilson succeeds in closing UK Radio down, when he shorts the aerial to ground, causing the rig to catch fire. He is sacked, but UK Radio is to remain off the air for the rest of 1980. [date needed]
May 1981
* IRL. Dublin. 88.0 FM. Chris Cary by now has split from Sunshine Radio, and is starting an FM station, inspired by the FM sound in the USA. Test broadcasts on this frequency are noted this month and into June. The station initially has no name, but will soon be named Radio Nova [dates needed]
May 1982
* GBR. Wolverhampton. 7359 kHz SW. UK Radio makes its first Short Wave broadcast this month, these continue on Sundays from 09:00 to 13:00, using a 15-watt rig. Reception reports come from all over Europe. [date needed]
* GBR. Merseyside. 999 kHz 299m, Radio Alpine is on air again this month but sadly is to close during this month [more dates needed please]
May 1983
* GBR. West Midlands. 1242 kHz MW. Wulfrun Sound MW radial wires are pulled out during a programme this month. Paul Johnson investigates, and discovers a man bent down, masturbating! (Pulling his wire…) He had tripped on a radial wire, which was tangled round his leg! [date needed]
* GBR. Wirral. 1413 kHz MW. Station M International on air, Dave Simpson appears for possibly the last time before moving over to KGW [again, its more dates needed. KGW will be added shortly]
May 1984
* Telford. In this month Shropshire Sound starts broadcasts on 96.1 FM, 7 days a week, 08:00-20:00 Mon-Sats and 08:00-18:00 Suns. [which date was the first one? I can then add in the rest for this month]
May 1985
* IRL. Galway. Following RTE starting a court case against WLS Music Radio, it changes its FM frequency to 102.7 FM, 846 kHz MW remaining on air the whole time. [when?]
May 1987
* GBR. Liverpool. 976 kHz MW [972 being the closest 9kHz channel] with an interesting heterodyne, former Atlantis DJs Rick Dane and Steve Bishop appear, the station changes its name a few times, from ‘Radio 976’ to ‘Radio Jackie North’ before settling back down as Radio Atlantis again. [dates needed]
* GBR. Southend. 90.8 FM. Sunshine Radio starts broadcasting [date needed and is it weekends or all week?]
* GBR. Colchester. 90.9 FM. Freedom Overflow announces a full-on campaign to ‘save ballroom dancing!’ With a bogus campaign that listeners can enter. Another spoof campaign also starts – C.F.F.B.M. [the Campaign for Floater Free Beverages Man!]
[long shot, but can someone help with dates?]
May 1988
* GBR. Bristol. 105.2 FM. BAD Radio is back with regular shows from this month through to late summer when they disappear again. [more dates needed here please]
May 1989
* GBR. Colchester. The studios of the off-air station Overflow Radio, are closed for good, the landlord objects to the house being turned into a hippy squat and painted bright colours…
* GBR. Colchester. A new studio is found, but the only place for the aerial is to poke a dipole through a ground floor window, a brief test of Overflow Radio is made, but it is abandoned, as the signal is lousy.


Info via Bert Bridges on Facebook