KBC Radio on 6055 KHZ 2200 Utc from 03-03-08

BREAKING NEWS...forward this to your DX club and DX friends:
Sunday...We have received a confirmation that the Mighty KBC will start on 6055 kHz this coming monday 3-3-2008. Also please pay attention to our new time....22.00 - 23.00 UTC So listen this evening for the last time on 6140 kHz, it's your last chance to go for a 6140 kHz QSL card.... We hope that the new frequency 6055 will bring us the same results as our old frequencies 6255, 6265 and 6235 khz. As soon as we know the final new frequency and time for our USA TX, we will publish it on this forum.....

The reason that we are moving from 6265 and 6255 kHz is that both frequencies are used for maritime communications.