Latvia shortwave relays

The closed shortwave relay service on 9290 kHz is due to return with a new owner in the autumn. The relay license of Krebs TV (51% owned by Jan Telenský, also the owner of Radio Tatras International) has now expired.

The New license owner is planning to install a small SW transmitter (probably 10kW; DRM-ready) during the summer and to resume the relay service for low-budget program producers in the autumn.

This will substitute the previously used 100kW transmitter. Since the Latvian state transmitter operator LVRTC (owner of the Ulbroka site) raised the prices for the shortwave transmitter lease at the beginning of the year, the rates for 100kW airtime are no longer affordable by
the typical customers of the relay service. However the old 100kW transmitter will still be available for clients who are ready to pay the higher prices.

Source: laserradio(@)