To commemorate the passing of the Marine Offences Act, which scuppered many radio stations, including RADIO 270, in August 1967, many contemporary radio sations are airing airchecks and other items of Radio 270 broadcasts this month.
On Saturday 6 August Caroline Flashback has a one hour special at 8pm, all about Radio 270. Hosted by Ray Ropbinson, this will inlcude Rusty Allen and Philip Hayton. (See Picture)
On Friday 12th, Absolute Radio has a special 6 hour programme about offshore radio, from 10am on its Absolute 60s channel.
The following two days, Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th, Atlantis Radio has an **Offshore Radio Extravanganza, **including a two hour Radio 270 special at 6pm. Don’t miss it!
(AtlantisRadio plays all 60s music all day and rock music after dark!
On Sunday 14th August, OAP station BOOM RADIO will feature several programmes about offshore radio and we are promised that many Radio 270 excerpts will be heard.
Latest changes will be listed on the Radio 270 web site:

Radio 60 13th of August 2022

The holiday is now over and we feel like making good music on good old shortwave again. That’s why Radio60! is organising a 2-hour programme on shortwave with Gunter from Hitmix-Radio as guest DJ on August 2022 from 12 to 14 UTC on 6045 kHz with 100 kW via a MediaBroadcast transmitter in Nauen / Germany. The change of the studio/DJ every 30 minutes will ensure variety in the programm. For reception reports to we send this nice eQSL.
Der Urlaub ist nun vorbei und wir haben wieder Lust auf der guten alten Kurzwelle wieder mal gute Musik zu machen. Deshalb veranstaltet Radio60! zuammen mit Gunter von Hitmix-Radio als Gast-DJ eine 2-Stunden-Sendung auf Kurzwelle am 13.August 2022 von 14 bis 16 Uhr MESZ auf 6045kHz mit 100kW über einen Sender der MediaBroadcast in Nauen / Deutschland. Für Abwechslung im Programm wird der Wechsel des Studios/DJs alle 30 min sorgen. Für Empfangs-Rapporte an versenden wir diese schöne eQSL.
De vakantie is nu voorbij en we hebben weer zin om goede muziek te maken op de goede oude kortegolf. Daarom organiseert Radio60! een 2-uur durend programma op de kortegolf met Gunter van Hitmix-Radio als gast DJ op 13 augustus 2022 van 14.00 tot 16.00 uur CEST op 6045 kHz met 100 kW via een MediaBroadcast zender in Nauen / Duitsland. De wisseling van studio/DJ om de 30 minuten zorgt voor afwisseling in het programma. Voor ontvangstrapporten naar sturen we deze mooie eQSL.