Radio 6150 needs you

We need YOU!!!

Don't be worried, we do not have your money in mind... 🙂

As we told you before, we want to start our new station on 6070 kHz in
August with definitely higher power. Then reception, at least in Europe,
should be good, even with normal receivers. We are on plan to establish
a service 24/7, esp. during night time filled up with old recordings from
the offshore area, but of course with a lot of own, new program, too.
Because we do not have the money to hire a staff for this, we are looking
for some friends of independent radio, who would like to spend some time
working for our station; e.g. we have in mind concerning the following
tasks in German, and/or English, Dutch....:

--Producing your own program,
---concerning: music, reports, or...??

--Producing a DX-program on a regular basis
---and / or delivery of the news to the one, who does the show

--do you have old recordings of Offshore / Pirate Radio, you can supply us
with? Or present it in your own show?

--analysis of reception reports; writing QSLs via eMail to the listeners

--help maintaining the homepage, esp. translation of German texts to English,
or German / English to Dutch, and maybe other languages spoken in
our reception area; Spanish? Russian? ...???

--Producing jingles in any language of our listeners

--acquisition of commercials for our program
--acquisition of interested parties in buying time on our transmitter for
their own program
(we would be glad, if it would pay at least the energy costs...)

--or do you have ideas of your own, what you would like to do for our station?
Then please get in contact with us!