KiwiSDR TDoA service suspended outside of amateur radio allocations

I know this service is used by many people on this list to pinpoint transmitter sites around the world, as of Feb 15 it looks like this is not possible for the foreseeable future.

The TDoA server code is open source so theoretically someone could run a new service with the same API and also provide a software patch so individual KiwiSDR users could point their instances at alternative services. For now, however, this feature is disabled for all KiwiSDRs. Discussion of the matter is closed on that forum and as someone currently in Europe (unlike the people who disabled the feature) the reasoning seems spurious to say the least.

Here is the announcement which was published in the KiwiSDR discussion forum on Feb 15:

Given the following:

The current situation in Europe.
The hobby-oriented, non-professional nature of KiwiSDR and the TDoA service.
The TDoA service has been temporarily suspended outside of ham band and time station frequency ranges.

Specifically (all kHz): 1800 to 2000 3500 to 4000 7000 to 7300 10100 to 10150 14000 to 14350 18068 to 18168 21000 to 21450 24890 to 24990 28000 to 29700 40, 60, 68.5, 77.5, 2500, 3300, 4996, 5000, 7850, 9996, 10000, 14670, 14996, 15000, 20000, 25000

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