Please Don’t Take Them Away – The Story Of The Great British Pirate Era

This would fit perfectly into next weekend’s programming for any radio station.
The story of the 60’s Offshore Radio Stations, packed with interviews from the people who were there behind the microphones and with a soundtrack of the music of the era.
β€œPlease Don’t Take Them Away – The Story Of The Great British Pirate Era”
A 3 hour tribute to the swashbuckling Offshore Radio stations who were part of the Soundtrack Of the Swinging Sixties. Produced by Mark Stafford and totally free for your radio station to air.
On Sunday August 14th 2022, it will be exactly 55 years since probably the most exciting era in British Commercial Radio came to an end, with the introduction of the UK Government’s Marine Offence Act.
During the previous three years British Radio Listeners had seen a complete transformation in their radio landscape. In place of the limited pop music choice offered by the BBC Light Programme, listeners learned to love Offshore Radio Stations such as Radio Caroline, Radio London, Swinging Radio England, Radio 270 and many more.
55 years on, for those who experienced that period the great memories still remain. So much so, that a number of large commercial radio stations are planning to commemorate the anniversary.
However, this three-hour documentary not only plays the music of the era, but it also tells the full story of those great radio days.
β€œPlease Don’t Take Them Away – The Story Of The Great British Pirate Era” includes exclusive interviews with many of the leading names who broadcast from around the coast of Britain during that era. These include…. Dave Cash, Robbie Dale, Tony Prince, Roger β€œTwiggy” Day, Don Allen, Johnnie Walker, Carl Conway, John Peel, Martin Kayne and other presenters who made the era what it was.
The story also features countless of-air extracts and a soundtrack showcasing the great music played on the Offshore Stations.
It’s totally free of charge, has no adverts, but does have space for yours! So, if you would like to put it out please email
Mark Stafford
Stafford’s World