“London’s pirate radio” – this Sunday

Southbank Centre
26 April 2015, 14:00pm - 20:00pm - Admission Free

An afternoon exploring the emergence of London's pirate radio during the 1980s and early 1990s.

We discuss the impact that DJs and stations had on their communities and broadcasting in general, considering a contemporary perspective and asking whether the pirate radio movement has left a lasting legacy. If so, how has it influenced today's music scene?

Throughout the day, documentary footage and DJ sets from selectors who made their names on the illegal airwaves showcase the music from that magical period of self-expression and rebellion.

The running order is as follows:
2pm – 3pm – DJ set from Sarah HB (formerly of pirate radio stations LWR and Kiss FM)
3pm – 4pm – Interview with DJ Dave VJ and Lindsay Wesker, authors of Masters of the Airwaves which chronicles London’s pirate scene of the 1980s
4pm – 5pm – DJ set from Dave VJ (formerly of pirate radio stations Invicta, Solar, Kiss FM, as well as Choice FM and Mi-Soul)
5pm – 6pm – Interview with Gordon Mac, who transformed Kiss FM from a Charlton squat-based pirate to one of London’s leading licensed stations
6pm – 7pm – DJ set from Jasper the Vinyl Junkie (formerly of pirate radio stations LWR and Kiss FM, as well as Choice FM and Kane FM)
7pm – 8pm – DJ set from Jasper the Vinyl Junkie

2pm – 8pm
The Front Room at Queen Elizabeth Hall


Info via RadioAnoraksUK

Radio Day 14th of November 2015


This year's Radio Day will be held on Saturday 14th November. The 2015 location for this event is Museum RockArt in Hoek van Holland. On that day, the doors of the museum will open at 11:00 and close at 18:00.

The structure of the annual event has changed. It has been decided to hold a National Radio Day followed by a large International Radio Day on a rotating basis (including the Awards Ceremony).

This year, a National Radio Day will be held, focused on the Netherlands and Belgium and thus slightly more limited in scope than in previous years. The interior of Museum RockArt will play an important role. Central item is the restored Radio Veronica studio. Seven well-known radio DJs are asked to present their shows live from the studio forming a kind of window programming. On the half hour the programmes are interrupted for interviews on stage. That means that seven topics will be discussed during that day. The items to be included will be announced later, but in any case, attention will be given to the offshore station Radio Monique and the 50th anniversary of Hilversum 3 / Radio3 / 3FM.

The Radio Day 2015 is made possible by the Internet Radiocafé and Radiotrefpunt.nl

There will be regular updates on www.radioday.nl